Letterpress Poster Workshop Nov. 18

Letterpress Wood Type Poster Workshop, November 18, 12 to 4 pm

Participants will select wood and metal type and ornaments, as well as vintage engravings, and create posters approx. 12″x 18″. You will learn to hand-ink the forms, arrange the elements for printing, and pull unique hand-printed posters.  We will be using two different vintage proof presses, a 90-year old Potter proof press, and a 50-year old Line-o-Scribe sign press. You can print your design with a second ink color if you wish for more impact, or overprint type and images. It’s up to your creativity to discover what is possible within the physical constraints of the type and cuts.

Please come prepared with a short quote or phrase to set. Shorter is better so you have more time to experiment with your layout, colors, etc.!

• Print ten posters per person, $80, limited to three people.

Sign up on Eventbrite

Events take place in the Print Shop at History Park, 635 Phelan Ave., San Jose, CA 95112. For any questions please email sjprintersguild@gmail.com.


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